Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 09:48:34 -0600

Syl and her sons Tom and Andy along with a friend of Tom's arrived last Monday evening. We moved into our new place on Tuesday and indoor camped until our junk arrived on Saturday. Very trying keeping these teenagers occupied in a new place with no TV, no long-distance phone, and no computers. Our stuff arrived and life's gotten a bit easier. Syl is an unpacking mad woman. I'm glad I have my job, otherwise I'd have to work as hard as she has in unpacking.

Thanks to all the nice anniversary wishes. We had a nice night. We went up to Horsetooth reservoir and had a snack and some vino, and good talks. We then went out to dinner in town where we ate too much. We went back home and had some cake. Very enjoyable.

The only climbing this last week was bouldering on Sunday morning. we had fun at the tropics. Both Syl and I sent the problems we were working on. I had been working on mine for several days and Syl worked hers last Thursday evening. We were both psyched. This guys Stephen and I worked on my slopey, reachy traverse until it was in the sun and too hot to climb. Syl and I went back to spend the rest of the day unpacking the >1,000,000 individually wrapped items that belonged in the kitchen. It was an insane task that took nearly all day.

I hope to get out and on a rope this weekend, maybe in Boulder. Time to find some projects to obsess on. 

Hope all are well, and that you are getting out and eatin' life.

> Later, 
> Don


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