Just a quick note to let all know that I landed OK in Ft. Collins. Things have been exciting and great here so far. Started work and I'm still in figure things out mode. Just really getting going.

I arrived last Thursday and got a wonderfull feeling of optimism at the sound of KC and the Sunshine Band on the AVIS car radio. 'Shake your booty..."

I arrived at my temporary living spot to find 3 folks on the front porch. One playing the guitar and the other two just hangin. They turned out to be quite the characters. I'm staying in a college apartement like place. Over the weekend people were drifting in and out like it was a 7-11.

Had a chance to climb in Boulder canyon and Horsetooth last weekend. Did some great 11s and 12s that Rui showed me. I have found that my recovery is pretty bad when climbing at 7000 feet. I'll adjust.

Hope all is well with all of you. 

Take care, 


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