Well, I'm settling into the new job and the Ft.Collins area. Met about 100 people last week and I'm trying to remember names and faces as best I can. I bouldered at Horsetooth a couple evenings last week and had a blast. Tuesday however I did not do much since I was still really sore from the weekend. I'm just not recovering quickly here.

Some really cool boulder problems. Some great slopey power problems and a 1/4 mile traverse!

Rui was out of town this weekend (In the gunks Saturday actually), so Patty and I went to find Sherwood Forest crag in Boulder Canyon. No dice however, since the tyrolian traverse ropes were gone, and we were not about to ford the raging boulder creek. We opted instead for the Security Risk Crag. As the book says it was an "athletic" approach. Lots of steep hiking, but what an amazing wall. We did a really cool and exposed 5.9 and a short but sweet 11b. A lightning strike on the adjacent ridge sent us packing back to the road. I'm definitely going back to do the 11d and 12b there. They look great.

On the hike down Patty took the most unbelievable spill I've ever wittnessed. She slipped on some loose dirt and went head over heels for maybe 50 feet, ending up with a couple good bumps but no major injuries. It looked like she was going to stop a couple times, then she would pick up speed again. All I could do was stand there and say "whoa, whoa, ..."

Since it was still early we went to Flagstaff and bouldered. It was fun. Some great traverses.

Saturday night I went out to see the wife (a singer songwriter) of a guy I work with perform at a coffee house. She was really good, as was the other performer who I do not think was out of highschool. Impressive.

Sunday I woke lazily and drove to Flagstaff for a short bouldering session, which lasted until 4pm or so. I was whooped, but I was having so much fun meeting people and getting thrashed. I met a few folks that I hope to hook up with in the upcoming weeks.

Well, it's time to get week 2 underway. I'm sure it will be full of adventures.



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