Well, I've started this job and wouldn't you know the biggest project is in crunch time. I've got the challenging task of getting the team on track with delivering to the schedule. Such is the job of a manager. A few tough weeks ahead, and I'm excited about them. It's like a tough route. Go big or go home.

This last weekend was sunny and hot here, in the 90s. I bouldered Saturday morning since I had to shop for a fridge and I had a bar-B-Q to go to. I got worked on this great V5 traverse. Powerful, fingery, and great. Came close, but I was shot by the time I figured it out. I'll get it later this week.

Had a great time at the BBQ meeting people from work and enjoying the beautiful, breezy, and BUGLESS evening.

Sunday I drove to Boulder to check out a couple places in Boulder Canyon. I hiked up there and they look pretty cool. One spot, sport park, you have to cross the swift Boulder Creek. Luckily there is a rope to hold onto, otherwise it would be hard to remain standing. The water is kind of cool and thigh high. It actually felt good, since it was hot outside. 

It began to thunder around 1pm so I got out of dodge. I was surprised that lots of people were still hanging out on the cliff. They must be used to it.

Drove back to Ft Collins and went to work because there is no AC where I'm staying and it was too hot in the sun to do anything active. Worked a bit, then went home for a quit dinner and sleep.

Can't wait 'til Syl gets here. I miss her very much. I miss all you guys back East too. I'm not gonna get mushy or anything, but I do miss you all.



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